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Jeremy Smith - Certified Personal Trainer

Welcome to Body Elite

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“The workouts I have developed are designed to get results! These workouts are what have driven me to continue my fitness journey and compelled me to share it with others.” - Jeremy Smith

Blueprint for Success

• Mind conditioning
• Workout program
• Nutrition program
• Supplementation
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Extraordinary mindset, Extraordinary body - Extraordinary life!

Body Elite is not just about creating awesome “fat burning workouts” and amazing “weight loss plans” for people to get their bodies in great shape, although we do that well - Body Elite is about something more.

Our “core” value is the belief and passion that having a healthy and fit body, paired with an extraordinary mindset can create a synergistic effect; enhancing life's pleasurable moments and giving one the inner strength, confidence, and discipline to conquer and grow from life's challenges.

Our mission is to inspire and Help Other People Excel by bringing back H.O.P.E. to them to discover the life they are truly meant to Extraordinary Life!

Jeremy Smith - Personal Trainer, Fitness Expert, Life Coach, AFAA Certified, American Red Cross Certified

Body Elite Online

Jeremy has over 20 years of experience as a fitness expert and personal trainer. He is exclusively qualified to guide you through your fitness journey. He has inspired others through his personal project to achieve their goals through a healthier lifestyle.

Jeremy's exceptional attitude gives him a fresh perspective to help you overcome the real-world and psychological barriers you will face on your own fitness journey.

Jeremy's project has been featured in multiple printed publications as well as on the internet to inspire those who are ready to make a life changing commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

Jeremy has worked with people from all walks of life. He has helped clients with diabetes, heart conditions, and obesity achieve their best through proper nutrition and exercise. Jeremy has launched this web site as a new phase in his fitness journey to provide you with the tools to meet your personal fitness goals.

Through this site Jeremy will have a unique opportunity to coach you on a one on one basis. The videos, fitness and nutrition guidance is tailored for your singular success.

This website is designed to help you complete your workouts and meet your nutritional requirements discretely, safely and at times that are convenient for you


Get started with one of our proven solutions

Fitness Webinar

$ 10 one-time

  • • Learn to lose body fat permanently
  • • Create a lean body look
  • • Build fat burning muscle 
  • Online Solution

Weight Loss Course

$ 99 one-time

  • • Self-guided, 12-week structured curriculum
  • • Basic physiology as it relates to weight-mgmt
  • • Self-testing to progress through chapters 
  • Online Solution

In-Home Training


  • • Personal training with Jeremy
  • • Custom Training Prescription 
  • • Nutrition Guide
  • In-Home Solution

In-Home Personal Training

I will work with you in your home and provide you with an exact training prescription so you know what to do every day. I will track your progress and make the right adjustments to your plan so you know you are getting the most from your workout. Body Elite's proven philosophy and nutrition guide will maximize results. As an In Home Personal Training client you will have access to training techniques that are right for you. I will guide you through each exercise so you know you are performing the exercises in your prescription correctly and safely. Through this proven process I will teach you how to meet your specific fitness goals on your own and at the proper pace. 

Exact Training Prescription

We build a customized training prescription for you.  We track and make adjustments to provide you an exact personalized experience.

Nutrition Guide

We'll provide you with the ultimate nutrition guide to help you maximize your results.


If you are interested in getting started with an in-home personal training solution, start the process by filling in our form and I will contact you to schedule an in-home consulation session.



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