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                Exercise Rx -   (PDF)   o   Exercise   pics    o   Exercise  videos      Bi - weekly webinars        Nutrition Menu & Guide  (PDF)      Weekly fat b urnin g   recipes      Cardio Rx   (PDF)      “Driven” -   Extraordinary Mindset    Conditioning Kit  (PDF)        Journals -   (PDF)   o   Nutrition   o   Exercise   o   SMART goal  w orksheet        Fitness Assessment   Center      Support & Motivation      Stretch Rx   (PDF)      12 - wk Life Challenge   (PDF)     What’s included?   NOTE:    Nutrition   guide is a general guide to help you learn about food and portion sizes. It  will give you an idea of what is ideal to help you reach your goals and see results. This is not  a diet or nutritional program . What can I expect?        Lose body fat permanently      Improve sexual libido      Improve muscular endurance      Increase energy  levels      Increase self confidence      Promote optimal health &  wellness      Create lean body look      Build  fat burning muscle       Create “Fountain of Youth” effect      Improve muscular strength      Reduce STRESS and ANXIETY      Create Emotional Balance -   sense -   of growth & “Well Being” PROGRAM AVAILABLE FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS
“Physique Transformation” Exercise Rx
Get up & Go 12-wk Fitness Experience!
+ WEBINAR Included for free! + WMU-101 Online Course + FREE ProGym Equipment
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